• Ultrasonic products for flow, level, position and distance

    Time to Market with OEM modules

Ultrasonic Products

SonoQ's ultrasonic transducer is specialized to designed ultrasonic transducer and modules for various applications. Each transducer and module can be modified to any customer application to achieve the best performance.


Modular OEM Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Integrable, Cost Effective and Compact Design

  • No moving parts, no damage due to high flow rates.
  • Fast response time
  • Empty pipe and bubble detection
  • Digital Interface
  • Qualified for pulsating flow rates


Ultrasonic Level Measurement through any material like metal or plastic or glass

OEM PCB with ultrasonic transducers for non-contact level measurement. The system can measure the analog level for example over the serial port or can be configured as a switch, to measure the level from the side.


Ultrasonic Transducer for Flow, Gas and Level

Ultrasonic transducers from SonoQ are extremely robust, maintenance free and reliable even in harsh conditions.


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