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How To: Ultrasonic Transducers for Flow and Level Measurement

June, 6th 2019

Ultrasonic sensors for flow and level measurement offer a number of advantages in the application: i.a. an almost instantaneous measurement and a high degree of independence from temperature and position. On the other hand, the specification and selection of optimally suitable ultrasound transducers for a particular application (e.g., in water meters) requires special know-how ....

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Modular OEM Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Cost-optimized modular design allows application-specific adaptations

May, 28th 2019

The flowmeters of the SQ-FMPA series use the ultrasonic Time-of-Flight (ToF) process. SonoQ piezoelectric transducers have been optimized for this application for the generation and reception of sound waves. In the flow direction, the flow velocity is added to the sound velocity or subtracted in the opposite direction. The difference in the sound propagation times is proportional to the flow. On the basis of the measured data, in addition to the flow determination, an empty pipe and bubble detection is implemented. Optionally, leakage detection can also be .....

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